Where you park is important. PROTECT YOUR VEHICLE!

Regular washing and detailing with quality products like the Zymol line is so important. However, there’s also some other issues to think about in the realm of protecting your vehicle.

A customer of ours recently told us a very interesting story about shopping at a “warehouse-club” store. He returned to his late model Dodge pickup to find that it was the victim of a rather messy break-in. Lots of broken glass and missing valuables.

He re-entered the store, notified the manager in charge, and called police to make a report. Amazingly, the store supervisor followed him outside, and demanded the he “move his truck because it was scaring customers”! Talk about adding insult to injury!

During the heated discussion a group of shoppers gathered, listened, and stormed into the store demanding to know who the manager’s supervisor was! Result: SUSPENSION!J

This store’s parking lot has covered carriage return areas in the parking lot that block vision in the busiest area. Also no video surveillance. However, if you don’t mind walking a bit, there are less congested areas (less chance of damage) with great visibility.Look for visibility and nearby activity.


Whenever there is a choice of sun or shade, always pick the shade. The sun harms all surfaces of your car. This problem is magnafied in hotter climates like the southern tier states. If you have to park in the sun, get a sunshade to ease the assault on your car interior.

If you work in a downtown setting, pony up the extra bucks for the parking garage rather than the parking lot. The reduction in wear is worth every penny, not to mention the increase in security!

Where You Park Is Important!