Best Wheel Detailing with Zymol!


Wheel washing should be done before washing your paintwork.

First, if the vehicle has been driven, allow time for your brakes to cool before spraying water on them. Cold water can warp your brake rotors causing expensive damage!

Choose a quality wheel cleaner concentrate such as ZYMOL BRITE or P21s that can be used at the strength you need for your particular wheel conditions. Beware of bargain products that are highly caustic. A bargain wheel cleaner can eventually ruin the finish of your expensive wheels!

Spray the wheel cleaner on damp wheels and brush them with a quality non-metal ferrule brush. The ZYMOL Wheel Brush is heavily populated and safe to use.

Spray the product evenly and let stand 2 to 3 minutes. If wheels are heavily soiled you can wait a little longer. Brush your wheels carefully.

Rinse in and around your wheel wells to remove dirt and excess wheel cleaner. Do not let the surface dry. Washing a second time may be required if the wheels are extremely soiled.

Now, coat wax your wheels.

Apply a non abrasive quality Wheel Coat or Wheel Wax to your wheels. ZYMOL Wheel Coat helps provide significant protection against brake dust damage. RaceglazeUK (RG UK) Nano Wheel Sealant is also very effective.  Also, your next cleaning will be so much easier!