Cleaning Auto Glass the Pro Way

Cleaning your auto glass can seem to be a daunting job but we will help you tame it.

Fumes emitted by interior plastics can cause discoloration of glass. Even worse is nicotine! If knowing this fact gets you to stop smoking, this exercise is indeed worthwhile. Smoking harms your body’s “interior” even more!

Once again, temperatures between 50 and 80F are ideal. If your car has been sitting in the hot sun, move it to a shady spot and let the interior cool down before you start. Use a quality ammonia-free product like ZYMOL Glas and spray it on a microwipe, which is lint-free.

Some people actually believe old newspapers make a good glass cleaning tool. WRONG! Did you ever notice ink on your fingers after reading a newspaper or magazine? Why would you want that on your windshield?

Use ZYMOL Microwipes or other fine microfiber towel instead and spray them rather than the glass. Use the microwipes to clean. When you wash them, avoid the fabric softener to prevent streaking next time.