Detailing Your Car's Interior The Professional Way!

Clean the glass first before doing anything else! You DID read the previous section, right?

Check the seating and floor areas carefully for any loose coins or other small articles. This venture is often the most financially rewarding! We’ve heard of recovered coins, prescriptions, eyeglasses, currency, jewelry, and even cameras lurking around interiors.

Now you can vacuum the seats. You can visit your neighborhood coin-operated machine or borrow one from the house. So far, we haven’t seen a 12 volt vac strong enough to do an effective job.If the seats are dirty, you can clean them with ZYMOL Leather Cleaner applied to a microwipe. Vinyl seats and the dash can be cleaned with a damp (not soaking) microwipe with just a bit of ZYMOL Clear or other fine auto bath added.

You can condition the seats with ZYMOL TREAT or VINYL (depending on your seating surface) applied on a microwipe. Your jeans will help “drive in” the helpful ingredients as you move around the seats. You didn’t wear your suit for this occasion, right? Instrument covers are generally cleaned effectively with just a damp microwipe.

If you have a stain on cloth seats or headliner try some fabric cleaner along with a bit of club soda. Vacuum the floor last. If it is really neglected, loosening a few bolts will allow you to remove the seats temporarily. You have plenty of room to spread out with your vacuum cleaner, and you’ll probably find even more money!

Keep after your interior regularly, and the job will magically be much less time consuming in the future.

Condition plastic surfaces with ZYMOL Vinyl. Wood Trim surfaces, which are plastic coated anyway, fare well when treated with ZYMOL Detail wax.

Following these tips will surely result in a personally rewarding motoring environment. You and your car deserve to be treated well!