Winter Car Care Done Right!

Winter Car Care-More Important Than Ever!

Winter is the time when your car needs as much protection from the elements as possible. Regular washing and maintaining a functional wax coat are of paramount importance! Freezing temperatures, sand and road salt make for a most destructive potion that can destroy your car. You want to stop the damage, but it’s freezing outside. Not exactly prime detailing weather.

However, all is not lost. All you have to do is read on, and we’ll show you what to do.

Interior care:

It never is too cold to vacuum your interior. Just do it. If you don’t have one ready in your garage, or no garage, use your neighborhood coin-operated version. They are quick and powerful. Frequent vacuuming removes sand and grit that can cut carpet fibers and scratch leather.

If you live in the Snow Belt get some rubber floor mats. Not the cheap ones from the discount big-box store. Those don’t fit properly or last. Your car’s manufacturer most likely has them available, and they will cost considerably more than the cheapies. But they fit; they last longer, and are worth every penny. I like a set of carpeting mats for the warmer months, and a pair of OEM rubber mats for the winter.

Any above –freezing sunny day is fine for cleaning interior glass, leather, etc., preferably with high quality products. Zymol's Glas spray bottle is a standout!

Exterior Care:

Please, Please, Please stay away from the commercial car washes! The harsh products used in their mix will remove your wax! Instead, pay attention to the weather. From time to time most areas will enjoy unseasonable warmer periods. We have even had unusual above 70-degree days in January. In Massachusetts! What a great day to sneak a wash and wax in! You can’t always count on that to happen during a weekend, so do whatever it takes to allot the fleeting time to your vehicle. Grab a weekday afternoon off if needed to seize this coveted opportunity. Even a 49F sunny January day doesn’t feel that bad when it’s recently been topping out at 29F.

Would you prefer washing indoors?

Get to know your car dealer or independent garage owner, and make sure you have a “business” relationship. In other words see that you have become a good paying customer. Ask the manager if you can wash there during a quiet time like a late Saturday afternoon. Mention that you are supplying your own materials, like Zymol Clear, Raceglaze AquaGlide, etc. Bring your own bucket, and other supplies. Pick up after yourself when you are finished, and leave the area in as good or better an order than you found it. Bring some food or beverages for the employees to make for a very positive experience for all involved. Lastly, don’t wear out your welcome. The employees are at their workplace, but don’t necessarily want to live there!

If you don't have access to a dealership or garage, don't worry. There's still hope for you.

Bring your supplies to the local coin operated car wash. You can use an empty rinsed plastic gallon jug with a cap to bring hot water from home.

Mix it in your wash pail with water from the water wand with the "RINSE" selection on. You will have warm sudsy water, and can use the quality products you want like Zymol Clear or other fine auto bath. Even a 35 or 40F sunny day is fine for this.

Is this effort worth it? The answer is a resounding “YES”! Your car will look better, last longer, and a clean Zymol or RaceglazeUK (RG UK) waxed car in winter just draws even more compliments.

Lastly, after a winter storm, snow and ice (with a little persuasion) WILL EASILY SLIDE RIGHT OFF a waxed vehicle! Your efforts are well REWARDED!

Easier cleanup, and a better looking car to boot! A well waxed car is SO worth it! What more could you possibly want? If you shouted “SPRING!”, don’t worry. It will be here soon enough!