Car Detailing Easier Next Time-Follow The Rules!


Make your next car detailing job easier by following a few simple rules:

1. No eating in your car. This rule applies double for children! If you feel the need to have breakfast in your car, perhaps it’s time for a lifestyle tune up.

2. No smoking in your car.

3. Keep the windows closed as much as possible to keep out outside dirt and debris. You absolutely won’t believe how much dirt dust and debris you WON’T have to clean by keeping the windows closed. Plus you will have the added bonus of keeping out unwelcome insects like bees and wasps while you are driving.

4. Vacuum whenever needed. Have you picked up sand or leaves on your feet? It’s easier dealt with sooner rather than later

5. Attack unplanned stains such as bird droppings immediately. Stubborn ones can be cleaned with a bit of ZYMOL HD-Cleanse, followed up with ZYMOL Field Glaze or RaceglazeUK (RG UK) Clearmist Detailer for quick protection.