About Detailbest.com

I have been interested in cars and motorcycles since childhood.  This interest grew deeper in 1987 when I picked up a BMW 3 series coupe, and joined the Connecticut Valley Chapter of the BMW CCA.  Later on, I was elected to one of the chapter’s Member at Large positions.

 One of my fellow chapter board members was the northeast US Zymol distributor.  I knew of the brand’s quality image, having purchased their products.  I was informed that it was a high quality organization to be involved with, and how the dealer program worked.  Detailbest.com was approved to be an authorized Zymol dealer in 2004.


A Hobby Becomes A Full Time Business

 Did you know Detailbest.com started as a part time business?  In those days, I held a job in the public sector.  There was a gradual cultural shift at my employer, where processes became far more important than people.  Advocating for the public was not appreciated.

But in my own business, when you made people happy, they came back and sent their friends.  It was clearly time for a change of scenery.

So we raised our profile, hit the road attending car shows, vending at Lime Rock Park, and the BMW CCA Oktoberfest.  New product lines were added, keeping customer requests in mind.  We worked with Raceglaze Ltd. of Great Britain (RG UK in the USA) in rolling out their enthusiast level line to the states.  Along came other brands, like Black Wow, Peake Research, and Wheel Wax.  Customers gave us ideas and requests.

The result of all this is a full time commitment to our customers.  We’ve found our vendors to be true car enthusiasts themselves, responsive to our customers’ needs, and a pleasure to deal with.  They’re solidly in our corner, and yours too!

We’re big enough to have what you need in stock, but family owned since 2004 and small enough to appreciate each and every one of you.  Please consider yourself very welcome at Detailbest.com!

Roger Chartier,

Sales Manager