Raceglaze Ltd. Why You Should Know About Them.

More and more people are turning to Raceglaze Ltd., a growing British company, with excellent products continually purchased by existing long standing customers, their referrals, and car show enthusiasts. They have been doing this since 1994, so they know their stuff! Detailbest.com is pleased to work with Raceglaze Ltd. in their USA product rollout. Their waxes feature an astoundingly high white carnauba content for the money. But, make no mistake, Raceglaze Ltd. offers a 100% ENTHUSIAST LEVEL lineup.


Their Signature Series waxes 42 and 55, launched in Spring 2008, followed by Black Label in July 2010 now provide solid ultra-high Carnauba finishing waxes to rival the performance of established premium names at reasonable prices. Black Label takes this to a new level. Their waxes have received rave reviews from users including some of the most respected professional detailers working in the UK and worldwide. One quick note on the Raceglaze Black Label wax:Black Label contains a stunning 66% White Carnauba wax by volume. The container is a most impressive billet aluminum jar inspired by a vintage Ferrari filler cap. A keepsake you will always own, and refillable by the factory at reasonable cost. We will even handle the arrangements for you! RaceGlazeUK (RG UK) products work in exactly the same way as systems from the major labels you’re used to. A series of the usual 4 steps to achieve the perfect long lasting shine. It’s one that dozens of Valeters, prestige car sales companies like Graypaul (Europe's largest Ferrari & Maserati dealership), Runnymede Motor Company, The Ferrari Centre, Autofarm, and owners of modest everyday cars, supercars, classics and modern classics have learnt gives great results for the minimum effort. Note that you do not need a final glaze or sealant with Raceglaze Ltd. products – Carnauba Wax does that job.

Many cheap products are petrochemical based so the shine only lasts a few days, but you need to ask yourself one simple question: Is my pride and joy, with its expensive to replace paintwork, worth scrimping a few dollars on when it comes to the wax that I use?

Raceglaze Ltd. also has some interesting detailing accessories like their 5-Brush Sets. The brushes are great for cleaning hard to reach areas, and you just pick the size for the area you are working on. Long lasting too! They have been sold to prestige automakers and museums. And their Signature dual density microfiber cloths are high quality and almost 4 square feet. Just one cloth does the work of two.

Do yourself a favor and check out the Raceglaze Ltd. product page!