What's new in our Detailbest store! Zymol is only the beginning.

We have a lot more than just Zymol waxes.

We have just introduced some new items from Raceglaze Ltd. direct from the U.K. Rest assured all of the Raceglaze Ltd. products we have are 100% enthusiast grade offered at competitive prices.

Here's a bit more about Raceglaze Ltd. from their Managing Director.

More and more people are turning to Race Glaze, a growing British company, with excellent products continually purchased by existing long standing customers, people referred by them, and others we meet at shows, demonstrations and who trust us because of our reputation in our other automotive businesses. We've been doing this since 1994, so we know our stuff!

Our new Signature Series waxes 42 and 55, launched in Spring 2008, followed by Black Label in July 2010 now provide solid ultra-high Carnauba finishing waxes to rival the performance of established premium names such as Swissvax (Swissol) and Zymol at significantly lower prices. We're very confident that they outperform new carnauba wax products from Autoglym, Dodo Juice, Meguiars and Smartwax for instance. Black Label takes this to a new level. Our waxes have received rave reviews from users including some of the most respected professional detailers working in the UK and worldwide.

Race Glaze products work in exactly the same way as systems such as Meguiars, Zymol, Swissvax etc - a series of 4 steps to achieve the perfect long lasting shine. It’s one that dozens of Valeters, prestige car sales companies like Graypaul (Europe's largest Ferrari & Maserati dealership), Runnymede Motor Company, The Ferrari Centre, Autofarm, and owners of modest everyday cars, supercars, classics and modern classics have learned gives great results for the minimum effort.

Introducing NEW Zymol Glas Spray Bottle!

Our website data tells us that many of us find auto glass cleaning to be a real problem!

Do yourself a favor, and wean yourself away from the household glass cleaning products, paper towels, or (even worse!) old newspapers. New Zymol Glas in the handy 12 oz. spray bottle requires NO mixing! Use Glas with a microwipe for an improvement that will be absolutely astounding! You'll never go back to the old way-promise!

Detailbest Now an Authorized Dealer for Novus Plastic Polish

The following is from Novus Polishes:


Since NOVUS Inc. first introduced NOVUS Plastic Polishes in 1973, the number of plastic products has grown tremendously. Yet, as widely used as plastic is, many people are still not sure how to care for it. This website can help.

By using a few simple techniques, along with NOVUS Plastic Clean & Shine No. 1, NOVUS Fine Scratch Remover No. 2 & NOVUS Heavy Scratch Remover No. 3, you can actually add life to plastic and keep it looking new. Best of all, you don't have to be a pro to get professional results.

Try our polishes and you'll see why manufacturers of plastic/acrylic products have used and recommended NOVUS Polishes for years.

NOVUS has been the best kept secret for years, but the word has gotten out to millions of people that NOVUS can restore and clean your plastic/acrylic products. NOVUS Polishes have saved manufacturers and consumers millions of dollars over our 30 years in business.