Carnauba vs. Synthetic-What's best for me?

Carnauba Wax vs. Sealant

Waxing is the most important thing you can do to protect and maintain your car’s paint. The sun is your car’s worst enemy, followed by your good old grime and pollution. To combat this serious car buffs religiously follow a regimen that includes washing, claying, polishing, and waxing.

There are only two forms of protection: carnauba waxes and paint sealants. Car Waxes are the traditional, natural, time-tested form of protection for cars. Paint sealants are newer to the scene—chemically formulated to attempt the same task as a car wax.

What’s the difference? Carnauba car wax produces an enviable deep, wet healthy shine that you can’t attain with a sealant. Think about who tends to win at Pebble Beach. It’s Zymol, not Occidental Amalgamated Synthetic Diamond Rock Formulation 666!

Some people believe that waxes are harder to work with. If you follow our instructions, you will find that simply isn’t true at all! Waxes also last longer on a garaged vehicle, as opposed to one that stays outside.

Paint sealants are formulated to imitate the level of depth and wetness that a good car wax produces. Today’s top paint sealants last six to eight months! The new RaceglazeUK (RG UK) Nano Sealant can last over 2 years!  If you demand the best look, go with a high quality pure Carnauba wax, like Zymol Concours. Concours was designed for the Zymol owners’ own cars!

If you’re after long-lasting protection that comes close to a Carnauba wax finish, go with one of the latest paint sealants, like RaceglazeUK (RG-UK) Nano Sealant Kit. The Nano Sealant Kit can easily give protection lasting over 2 years!  The RG UK Nano Sealant Kit is good for the owner who has less time to devote to his or her vehicle, but still wants protection from the elements.

In Recap:

Nobody yet has produced any synthetic product that produces the depth of “wet look” shine of a fine carnauba line like Zymol, RaceglazeUK (RG-UK) waxes and glazes. Nor do we expect this feat of chemistry anytime soon. Synthetic products can still offer a very good appearance and long lasting valuable protection, however. The main point is to not ever go without protection of your car's paintwork. Your car is the second most expensive asset you will ever own!