How to apply Zymol Wax or Glaze PERFECTLY!

And now the Zymol wax application secret:

Work on a limited section at a time, such as 1/4 of the hood, 1/4 of the roof, etc.-Then move on.

Don't expect to wax the whole car at once. Dried wax or glaze only provides much more work and poor results!

To clarify-NEVER let the wax dry!

Apply wax to a section using an applicator or your hand. Remember, a little Zymol goes a Looooong way!

Use a Zymol Microwipe or other high quality microfiber towel in a back and forth motion rubbing over the surface. This FORCES the wax to bond to your finish. Microwipes or other fine microfiber towels do not have an affinity to wax, which is why they work so well here. This statement is one of the most important things you can know about car detailing!

Finally use a high quality towel like Zymol's (NEVER MICROFIBER) to buff to perfection.

Be amazed at your handiwork. You've earned it!

And later, a quick spritz around the car with a good detail spray like Field Glaze or Clearmist Detailer and a towel will top up your protection even more. This crowning touch just takes a few minutes, but will be the "icing on the cake" for your beautiful car's appearance!