Wash, Wax, and SAVE GAS!

Washing and waxing your car saves gas!

We’ve been doing a LOT of research on how much added fuel economy you can get with a washed and waxed car.

Basically the figures are running from 1% up to 7%. The comparisons are for dirty vehicles as opposed to washed and waxed vehicles. To be honest 7% seems a bit optimistic, but I’ll throw out a few facts to think about.

Did you know airlines wax their planes? They tend to use sealants, rather than Carnauba wax products. The large surface area and time allotments tend to tip the scales in the sealants favor. They want a slippery surface more than they want depth of shine. Pebble Beach has yet to institute a jetliner category!:-)

Airlines need all the help they can get in dealing with enormous fuel bills. Perhaps that’s why they don’t give you free peanuts anymore? And there are even reports of airlines considering charging passengers by weight!

Zymol did make an aircraft glaze called AGL, aimed at the private aircraft owners’ market. Let us know if you are interested in this item, as I believe there may be just a very few left!

Racecars are waxed regularly. In fact, the Zymol Titanium glaze is a racer’s favorite, as it does extremely well in helping protect against liquid spills, speed-squashed insects, etc.

Bicycle racers are also known to use wax. In fact, Zymol makes a bicycle product known as Zymol Velo wax. The bicycle racers even shave body hair. Not a bad thing, so we are spared from seeing female bicycle racers with unsightly underarms!;-)

Fleets of major parcel delivery companies are cleaned nightly. And waxed regularly. Routes are calculated for efficiency and to reduce left turns. Did you ever see a filthy UPS truck? And you probably won’t ever! These companies know how to operate efficiently, and manage to provide good-paying union jobs also. And they care about their professional image. Their methodology is valid!

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Keeping your car clean and waxed, in our opinion, will incrementally help your mileage, along with your personal image. Personal image will help you achieve success in life!